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Camouflage B.V. designs and installs camouflage solutions for antennas and equipment in the Mobile Telecom sector. Our working area is the Netherlands and Belgium.

Camouflage B.V. has been active in the Mobile Telecom market for over 20 years, whereby we can count Telecom providers and contractors as our clients. In consultation with our clients and property owners, including the preservation of monuments organisation, we design and install custom made solutions for the ‘camouflage’ of antennas. Possible solutions are radio transparent bell boards, slate roofs, chimneys and cylinders. In addition, we offer solutions through decoration techniques.

Under ‘projects’ you will find a number of examples of solutions recently realized by Camouflage.

Camouflage has been part of Talkpool since November 2016. Talkpool is a service provider for IoT and wireless networks and is represented worldwide. For more information, visit Talkpool or look for

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