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Camouflage B.V. The Netherlands offers an extensive range of designs for networks, engineering, implementation and management services for the world’s leading telecommunications operators, system vendors and main contractors. Request our sample book without obligation via sales@camouflage.nl.


Slate camouflage

Leiden – Replacement of natural stone slates with plastic slate panels behind which antennas have been placed.


Goblet camouflage

Wergea – Replace part of existing copper globe signs with composite globe signs.


Cylinder camouflage

Amsterdam – Two custom-made cylinders for visual shielding of antenna location.


Wood camouflage

Kruibeke – Replacing existing wooden shutters with composite shutters with a ‘wooden look’. Antennas are placed behind the shutters on the inside of the tower.


Chimney camouflage

Gent – Chimney in hexagon shape executed in stone pattern. Antennas are installed in the chimney.


Slate replacement

Gendringen – Replace slates in the roof surface of the church tower for composite panels. Existing wooden goblin signs replaced with composite with ‘wooden look’.

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