Site access control

As long as any supplier/ contractor of services may carry out activities on the infrastructure without coordination at one central location, it will be impossible to have full control on the management of an infrastructure.

Talkpool Nederland will oblige every supplier/ contractor (but also the owner of the infrastructure) that has to perform activities on locations, under management of Talkpool Engineering, to notify these activities (when, what, who, where) prior to the full filment of the activities. Talkpool Nederland will deliver an Access- protocol (incl. Safety protocol) to all suppliers of services when they “request for access” before they start their activities.

After the completion of the activities, each supplier is required to check out and deliver (within a prescribed period) a “Change Report”, regarding the work performed and all associated changes. The “Change Report” provides a basis for further management such as inspections, analysis and adjustment of maintenance schedules.

Talkpool Nederland offers this service on a 24/7 basis.

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