Consultancy & engineering

In order to realize excellence in management and control it is important that we make clear choices about the goals we pursue. What does the owner of the infrastructure wants to achieve? What are the minimum requirements for the systems in the infrastructure? What is the desired service life- cycle of an infrastructure? Must they meet with legal or other requirements and standards? What are the risks in the infrastructure? How do we deal with these risks? How much maintenance budget is available? Etc. etc.

Talkpool Netherlands advises the owners of infrastructures in these issues by e.g. accurately determining the systems which are part of the infrastructure, by determining standards for maintenance regarding the systems which are part of the infrastructure, by identifying risks and carry out analyzes over the data that is available and comes from the existing infrastructure. Talkpool Netherlands helps her customers to define “nominal maintenance plans” which can make a difference.

Talkpool Netherlands will advise owners of infrastructures on maintenance plans, reinforcements, tower modifications, tower loadings, antenna changes, H&S, risks and all other (technical) issues. Also Talkpool Netherlands will advise on new techniques, standards and business opportunities.


Talkpool Netherlands is constantly looking for possibilities to extent the capacity of the towers. Because of new techniques the antenna systems change a lot. Because of the (future) use of active antenna systems (and antenna combined with RRU’s) more and heavier (more wind load) antennas plus equipment will be installed in the towers. This causes more loadings in the towers and more towers exceeding their limits.

In Talkpool Netherlands has strong expertise in the development of reinforcement of the lattice towers with “knikverkorters”. Capacity per tower was significantly increased.

Talkpool Netherlands will together with the mast owner constantly look for opportunities and possibilities to increase mast capacity and make the towers ready for future use.


Talkpool Netherlands can design and manage the complete redevelopment process. Because of the increasing age of the tower portfolio maintenance cost, will be higher in the future. Together with tower suppliers Talkpool Netherlands will perform a maintenance program to prevent extra cost and redevelopments.

Is a redevelopment necessary, Talkpool Netherlands will looking for engineering possibilities to project the new tower on the existing site without dismantling the existing tower first. This will save high costs for a temporarily solution of operator downtime.

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