Inspections & Certification

In order to be able to realize excellence in management and control, it is important that a clear and reliable picture is provided regarding the infrastructure and all associated systems and components.

  • Which systems and components are present on site?
  • Where are they present at the location?
  • What is the condition of the components and systems present?
  • How important is the system / component for the operation of the infrastructure?
  • What is the risk we take if the system / component fails?

All questions about the physical condition of the existing infrastructure. All questions to which only reliable answers may come when we actually see, touch and judge the systems/ components based on objective criteria.

Talkpool Nederland checks, measures the condition and valuates all the systems and components that are part of an infrastructure, in accordance with NEN 2767 (Condition Measurement of Building and Installation parts) and thus creates a reliable database for further management. The “baseline measurement” is important for establishing the principles of management and control and also for the “operational maintenance- plan” which will be realized.

Next to “baseline measurements (NEN2767)” Talkpool Nederland is also performing “specific system-related tests and measurements”. These tests and measurements are performed in accordance with established (legal) standards / practices and provide an excellent understanding of the technical functioning of these systems / components.

Talkpool Nederland is also performing independent “Quality Assurance checks” on Construction, Installation & Maintenance activities performed by third party contractors.


All inspections are performed by trained and certified inspectors with an engineering background. Camouflage uses dedicated inspectors/Specialists. Camouflage believes that only a decent inspection can be performed by dedicated inspectors. In contradiction to many contractors we don’t use site builders or telecom installation engineers to perform inspections.

Our inspectors are trained to gather all the necessary on site to perform a reliable NEN 2767 condition measurement. After that our NEN 267 specialist will evaluate the site data and will determine the final NEN 2767 condition score and reporting. Also he creates the MJOP (Meer Jaren Onderhoud Plan), and maintenance or investment plan and  advise to our customers.

Safety inspections and certification

Certification of the safety systems (Soll-Vigo, Faba, Latchway, Shuteline) will be performed by certificated inspectors. For each system each inspector is trained and certified by the manufacturer of the named system. So the safety of the system will be guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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