Maintenance management

Starting point of Talkpool Netherlands is not that the suppliers of maintenance themselves schedule their work but that the planning of the work fully controlled by Talkpool Engineering.

Talkpool Netherlands wants to have continuous control over what is happening at the locations. Who has done what work? When did they fulfil this work? What is changed in the systems / components? All questions that may impact the quality of the infrastructure and may impact the cost of maintenance.

How often does it happen that the maintenance- planning created by the supplier itself is not fulfilling maintenance at the right time, or even worse, did not have been carried out at all? How often does it happen that contractors use second-hand materials to replace the materials instead of new materials? How do we know if warranty is still in place on the systems/ components which are replaced? Fewer and fewer owners of infrastructures understand and have control over the activities actually performed by their maintenance providers.

Talkpool Engineering will centralize the maintenance planning and will plan, issue and control all activities regarding maintenance so that the work which is requested actually is carried out against the conditions which have been agreed in advance. The starting point is the “Operational Maintenance Plan” that is prepared and managed by Talkpool Netherlands (in consultation with the owner of the infrastructure).

Talkpool Netherlands  is continuously looking for cost saving possibilities for their clients. As the focus from Talkpool Netherlands is on Engineering and inspection we can help our customers to save on maintenance and redevelopment costs. Instead of turnkey maintenance or redevelopment Talkpool Netherlands can advise our customers  the best/cheapest supplier for subcontracting. Talkpool Netherlands will inspect and project manage the work but won’t put any margin on the subcontractor work. Cost saving of 10-15 % on maintenance and redevelopment may be possible. Also the quality will increase.

Camouflage will always give an advice on corrective maintenance based on the NEN 2767 norm, risk, historical development and previous inspections.

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